How to Repurpose your Suit

Repurposing your Business Suit

I used to have a bad habit of shopping all the time and at least once a month I had to buy a new outfit. I would easily get bored with what I had so I was continuously on the hunt for the next big thing. After starting my own business and learning about the fashion industry, I have a new understanding how wasteful that lifestyle can be.

I have put my shopping on hold and I have been trying work with what I have and repurpose items to figure how to wear differently. I am going to take you through a couple examples of how you can repurpose one suit.

The Suit

Like most other professional women, I have a few suits hanging in my closet. Unfortunately, they don’t get worn too often because I work in more casual office environment now. Buying a good quality suit is a great investment that allows you to wear this timeless piece for many years. Since I don’t need to wear them very often I hate for them to collect dust in my closet.

I purchased this suit in a tall size from Ann Taylor. The pants have a 36″ inseam. The jacket fits without needing further alterations. The quality is average. It is made out Polyester, Rayon and Spandex but they do suggest dry clean only.

Three Button Navy Blue Jacket

This three button jacket can easily be converted to a more casual look with pairing with jeans, a white boat neck top or even a white t-shirt, and a pair of nice booties. The jacket with just a white top is too bland so adding scarf for additional color will give it an additional wow-factor you need to stand out. I really prefer one button jackets because they look more modern. However, if you have a three button you can just button once or leave open.

The Trouser Pant

To make the pants have a more casual look you can pair with a nice shirt and long-sleeve cover-up cardigan.

I have a blouse that I bought a few years ago when it was trendy to wear long shirts and blouses with skinny jeans or pants. I don’t really wear this blouse anymore but I am not ready to get ready to get rid of it yet. So I tried wearing it with these trouser pants and a cover-up cardigan but tucked it in. I absolutely love the way it came out.

It just needed a nice necklace and wear with a pair of nude pumps. Every woman should have a pair of nude pumps in their closet because of the versatility. They can go with so many colors and they aren’t as boring as your usual black pumps.


Just remember not give up on the clothes you have too soon. Try wearing them with different jewelry or scarves to shake it up. Some days I remind myself when I was a kid and would play dress-up. I still like to do this and mix and match pieces that I own but I don’t normally wear together. You should try it because you don’t know what amazing outfits you can come up with for free!

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