Tall Fashion Brands Created by Tall Women

Build Awareness

I didn’t realize how many independent tall fashion brands are out there that have been created by other tall women until last year when I started doing market research in this area. What is frustrating is when you try to Google tall fashion brands it is really hard to find these brands because all of the big brands rank first in the Internet searches. Therefore, the main purpose of this blog is to build awareness about these wonderful brands that are bringing changes to the tall women’s clothing market.

No One Knows a Tall Woman More than Another Tall Woman

As many of you may already know, I am in the process of starting my own fashion brand called Longings Clothes for Tall Women that will focus on Coats and Jackets for tall women.  I was inspired to do this mostly due to lack of stylish coats and jackets that I could find. I would buy from a big brand offering tall sizes but not specializing in them. Whenever I bought from these brands I was constantly faced with disappointment. For example, the jacket sleeves would not be long enough or the overall portion was off. The nice thing about buying from one of these brands is that nobody knows our clothing needs and challenges better than another tall woman. They are not just adding inches to patterns, they are using actual tall fit models during their development process.

Filling Gaps in the Market

From coats, plus sizes, lingerie, casual wear, sexy dresses and jumpsuits, luxury dresses, pants, jeans to professional work wear these women started these brands to provide unique shopping experiences to fill the gaps that we have in the tall women’s clothing market. We no longer are subject to non-stylish, unimpressive and ill-fitting clothing.

Tall Women Supporting Tall Women

I am big believer of women supporting women and it is needed now more than ever. These women are taking major risks to bring needed changes to the tall women’s clothing market. Please see the brands below for yourself and help spread the word!

All Things Tall

All Things Tall® is a value-oriented online platform that specializes in creating and providing clothing and shoe brands for taller women. Our mission is to insure tall women have access to the highest quality styles. Tall women are beautiful and their closet deserves to reflect the beauty of their height.

Lauren, the proud founder and creator of All Things Tall, has a lifelong mission to provide chic clothing to the modern day tall woman that empowers her to not only feel comfortable in her own skin, but to exude an unapologetic sense of confidence. This one-stop shop for women over 5’9” (and up to size 20) bridges the gap between exclusivity and innovation, offering an optimal, tailored collection of trendy pieces. Above all, All Things Tall® celebrates fierce women who stand tall in both height and life. Our motto “Why fit in, when you were born to STAND OUT?”

Shop online at www.allthingstall.co. They ship in the U.S. and Canada.

Offers plus sizes.

Founder – Lauren Givonne



Amalli Talli is an online retailer providing a different type of shopping experience for tall women. Started by two tall sisters with a 6” height difference between them, we strongly believe that tall isn’t solely defined by height alone, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and proportions. Our mission is to provide trendy, well-fitting options, no matter where you may fall on the tall spectrum. Additionally through our online community, we aim to be a support system and source of empowerment for tall women to love their height.

Shop their clothing online at www.amallitalli.com.  They ship worldwide and offers free shipping for over $75 in purchases and $6.50 flat rate shipping below $75.

Offers plus sizes.

Founders – Amy & Alli

Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter


Dellez Fashion For Tall Women

Adelle Prime is the founder and designer of Dellez Fashion for Tall Women, a contemporary clothing line in Trinidad and Tobago designed for women 5’ 10”and taller. Dellez clothing line is not just made longer but correctly proportioned to suit a tall woman’s frame.

Standing tall at 5’ 10”, Adelle struggled over the years to find clothing that fit well since many designers and retailers cater to women of average height. As a result, many tall women are forced to wear ill-fitted clothes that are not designed for them.

Currently, their clothing line is available online at www.delleztallfashion.com and shipped to the Caribbean, United States and Canada.

Offers dresses and jumpsuits up to 2XL and pants/jeans up to U.S. size 18.

Founder – Adelle Prime


Doubs Clothing

Doubs Clothing was started by Sammie, the wife of a 6’10” man. After countless shopping trips, nothing was ever long enough & when it was a good length, it was too wide. Eighteen months after releasing the men’s line, she felt comfortable exploring women’s clothing. We make women’s clothing that fit women that are between 6’0″ – 6’10”. Most importantly, we are completely ethical based. We make 95% in Australia by beautiful Machinists that are paid above award wage using the best fabric sourced. You can shop online at https://www.doubsclothing.com. We ship free worldwide!

Offers plus sizes.


Height of Fashion

Height of Fashion is a new fashion label designed specifically for tall women. The label is born from a personal need and inspired by confidence, uniqueness and versatility. Founder Natalie Matthews, who stands at 6’3″, has curated a range of signature styles that can take you from day to night and provide both timeless and effortless style for your everyday need. You can shop their clothing online at www.height-of-fashion.com. For all Australian orders, they ship free standard delivery. They ship worldwide free when you spend over $100 AUD.
Founder – Natalie Matthews

Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Longings Clothes for Tall Women – Coming Fall 2018

Longings Clothes is being created to provide professional tall women with stylish jackets and outerwear that focus on quality and fit. Maintaining a price point that will make the clothing accessible to tall women that are just starting their careers and those that been in their professions for several years. It is important that tall women to appear polished and professional in their careers and can dress for success!

Founded by Lori Reposa. As a 6’ tall woman, I had dealt with many challenges throughout my life. My goal is to help other tall women find fashionable clothes for the workplace that will make them feel good about how they look.

Founder – Lori Reposa

Instagram & Facebook

Meghan Evans Clothing

Meghan Evans is designed to take the tall, professional woman from desk to drinks. We believe clothes should make you feel confident and ready to conquer the day without sacrificing style, comfort, or quality. That’s why we offer clothing that is designed and ethically manufactured in Washington, DC in limited quantities. We take extra care to select unique, quality fabrics to compliment our pieces’ flattering silhouettes that are both feminine and classic. You can shop our pieces online at www.meghanevans.com. Currently we only ship in the U.S.

Offers dress sizes up to U.S. size 18.

Founder – Meghan Evans

Instagram & Facebook


Inna Panchuk is the Founder and Creative Director of Shpala. She is 6’2’’ and has experienced firsthand the challenges of being tall and shopping for clothes that fit properly.

Unlike other brands that stretch existing standard patterns, we use true-tall fit models in our creation process. Made in one of the leading production factories of NYC’s Garment District using only exemplary fabrics, our clothes accentuate and flatter the above-standard frame. We are proud to dress tall women, to help empower them, and always consider their height a superiority, not a disadvantage.

You can shop their our dresses online at www.shpalanyc.com. We ship to both U.S. and international addresses. U.S. standard shipping is offered free of charge.

Founder – Inna Panchuk

Instagram & Facebook


At Talltique we provide tall women, 5’10” and up, with stylish and high-quality tall clothing. We specialize in chic clothing for women 6’0″ and over, including jeans, pants, jackets, maxi dresses and skirts and other hard-to-find items in extra long lengths. Many of our garments are handmade in the USA, some using organic fabrics and low-impact dyes. The unique selection of our extended length garments have been handpicked by our 6’4″ owner Helen Pappas.

You can visit their showroom by appointment only located at 7815-A Old Georgetown Rd., Ste. 210, Bethesda, MD 20814 or shop online at www.talltique.com. We ship in the U.S. and internationally. We offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $150 USD.

Offers plus sizes.

Founder – Helen Pappas

Instagram & Facebook

Veraf Clothing

VeRaf Clothing was founded in 2010 by Verona Lynch, a Property Surveyor cum Fashion Designer based in London. As a tall woman of 6’2, Verona continues to face the challenges of finding suitable, fashionable and affordable clothing to fit her tall body.

Veraf clothing for tall women is an ethical brand in the United Kingdom, dedicated in making classic styles into sophisticated contemporary clothing. Our collection is for the fashion conscious tall woman looking for daywear and nightwear pieces, which is available for international delivery via our website www.verafclothing.com.


Instagram & Facebook

To Conclude

As you can see, these brands provide a wide variety of clothing in various sizes.  They are filling the holes in the tall women’s market.  If you you have a favorite independent tall fashion brand that I didn’t include above, please add a note about them in the comments below to help spread the word.


Please see a recent blog I wrote about “Shoe Stores Dedicated to Women with Extended Shoe Sizes”  which most were founded by other women too.

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  1. Great list! Thanks so much for putting this together. Here in the UK there is also Taller Than Your Average, Tall in Black, 6ft fashion and Belle Grande. And I am in the process of starting up Allta, which should be launching in July! It’s great to be part of such a supportive community 🙂

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