Sustainable Fashion Week: Fashion Conference

Last Thursday, I attended a Fashion Conference for San Francisco’s Sustainable Fashion Week. This was an evening to experience the Industry experts share professional perspectives on current affairs and future of Fashion in the Industry. This was an insightful evening and an opportunity to network with the Fashion industry professionals. The panelist included the following:

Julia Lam

Founder and CEO of Tara & Co. This company caters to women on the go. This is a newer company and it created their first product the Tracy 2-in-1, stylish convertible bag. The were able to sell this bag with crowd funding and pre-sold over $100K before it launched. Learn more by clicking here.

Janet Wu

Co-Founder & CEO of SilkRoll. This company was created to allow fashionable women to trade their high quality fashion clothing online through a points program. Their vision is to build the world’s largest shared closet. They are committed to lengthening the life cycle of quality fashion through a unique recirculation methodology, and redirecting textile waste from landfills. I love this concept and it reminds of the Tall Swap that I attended a few weeks ago but online. To learn more about this company click here.

Whitney Cathcart

Founder and CEO of Cathcart Technologies. This is a consulting firm that is bridging the gap between technology and the fashion industry using AI, machine learning, computer vision, 3D and XR. She is also the Chief Strategy Officer of 3DLOOK, an AI driven technology company who is transforming the way people interact with their smartphone to solve everyday problems. She was describing this technology as it using your smartphone to scan and measure your body for the most accurate body measurements. I think this technology will really change the way we shop online and will take out all the surprises around fit when we purchase online. I am looking forward to learning more about it and hopefully bring it as a shopping feature as part of Longings Clothes.

Evelyn Zoubi

Founder and CEO of Inc. (GLANSE). This is a Business-to-Business (B2B) service for fashion buyers and merchandisers. The service leverages the extensive data-set collected from the Fashion App GLANSE to provide detailed analytics that help buyers and merchandise planners make more accurate decisions about when & where to launch product-lines. This reduces the amount of guesswork that goes into figuring out a region or other demographic that a product line will be successful in. To lean more click here.

To Conclude

The common denominator with all the panelists is sustainability in the fashion industry by reducing overall waste. This can be done by re-using previously owned clothing, making better decisions when purchasing online with using technology such as 3D Look to reduce the number or returns, or companies having better insight as to which regions and demographics their marketing will be most successful in.

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