I began writing about my journey starting back in November 2017. You can check out my previous post by clicking the link here STARTING A TALL FASHION BRAND : ONE STEP FORWARD, THREE STEPS BACK.

Holy Cow! It has almost been a year since I officially started this journey as a tall fashion brand. I originally thought I would be done with all the product development by this time and ready to get in production for my fall release. Yeah right!!! I am still trying to finish product development. The way I look at it though is that you only have one shot to make it right so I am not upset that it has taken this long. I just want to make sure it comes out right.

In my last blog, I walked you through the sourcing process and now I am writing about the fitting process.

Product Development:


Fit Model:

As mentioned above, I only get one shot to make it right when I launch so if the fit is not right then why bother going forward. This puts a lot of pressure on me. I have been the fit model since the beginning. However, I have become concerned because while I fall in the middle of my size range, my chest size is above average. I started to fear that my jackets would be too large and gaping in the chest area for someone who maybe below average in that area (even had a couple of nightmares about it). Therefore, I decided to hire a fit model with the average chest size.

It is important to have a fit model that is in the middle of your size range so that you can grade your patterns up or down from the middle. This will decrease the likelihood of distortion as the different sizes move away from the original size.

A fit model is a person that is basically used as a live mannequin that meets the designer’s size specifications. They become an integral role in the design process; commenting on garments and materials with regards to fit, movement and feel on flesh and objective feedback on the ‘fit’ and design of the garment. This was extremely important to me so my search for the fit model began.

This became a challenge in itself. As hard as you may believe, there aren’t too many models that are at least 6′ tall and have all the other size specifications that I am looking into. It took several weeks but I finally found a fit model!

The Fitting Process

I am working on finalizing two samples right now: trench coat and a denim blazer. Once these two samples are finalized then I can finalize the pattern blocks that will be used on the rest my designs. Afterwards, we can start the samples for the other designs.

Furthermore, once I finalize the fit, my samples with all the trimmings and linings will be completed and I can finally have the photo shoot!

The First Fitting:

Here is a peek at the first fitting with actual fabric. There were a lot of modifications that were necessary especially since the fit model changed.

Trench coat:

Denim Blazer:

The Last Fitting:

Last week was the most recent fitting that I had. The samples are looking better but there were still more modifications that were needed in order to make the fit better.

Trench Coat:

Denim Blazer:

Almost There!

Most of modifications are around the sleeve areas but which should be all fixed at the next fitting. Afterwards, I will be able to move forward with finalizing the pattern blocks.

Even though this process is taking much longer than I thought I just keep reminding myself of this quote: “Never give up. Great things take time.” — Dhiren Prajapati. So I keep going, taking one step at a time.

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