How Tall Women Can Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

When I was growing up, cropped or ankle jeans wasn’t close to being a thing yet. When I showed my ankles, I was considered “flooding”. Standing at 6 feet tall , at first, these styles bothered me because of feeling so traumatized from my “flooding” experiences. But I have been learning to let go of that feeling.

Well tall ladies, we have so many more options now. The only other thing I love more than my different jean length options are selecting which boot I want to wear with them.

Until about a few years ago, I only preferred knee high boots because the length of the jeans or pants never mattered — you get to hide it all. However, I am currently loving the different looks that I can get from ankle boots with the different lengths of denim that I already own. Below are some different ways tall women can wear ankle boots.

Ankle Length Pants

In this picture, I am wearing velvet skinny jeans from Ann Taylor. These are tall and the inseam is 32″. I have a 35″ inseam so these hit me right at my ankle. These jeans are perfect to wear with black ankle boots.

The trick is to try not to show too much skin in between the boot and the bottom of the pants.

Double Cuff

This is one of the easiest ways to wear jeans with ankle boots. If your jeans are too long and/or not too skinny at the bottom then just cuff twice to get this look.

What you always want to avoid is bunching right above the boots.

Tuck into your boots

This option can only be used if your jeans or pants don’t bunch at the bottom when tucked in. Also, you want to avoid doing this if the opening of the boot is too wide and the boots are too short (falling right at or below ankle bone).

I find this option goes best with leggings. That is if you can find leggings long enough to tuck into your boots. These leggings that I am wearing are for tall women that I purchased from Amalli Talli that I purchased almost a year ago.

Time to Embrace

If you feel a somewhat betrayed by the newer styles of showing your ankle, I hope I convinced you to embrace this style and just go with it!

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Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid any commissions for any of the items listed under “Where to find similar items” section.

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