About the Brand:

Longings Clothes is made for that tall professional go-getter that needs to have the right attire to match her professional goals and determination.

This collection is being created to provide professional tall women with stylish jackets and outerwear that focus on quality and fit while maintaining a price point that will make the clothing accessible to tall women that are just starting their careers and those that been in their professions for several years.  It is important that tall women to appear polished and professional in their careers and can dress for success!

About the Founder:  Lori Reposa

As a 6’ tall woman, I had dealt with many challenges throughout my life.  One of my major struggles has been finding clothes that fit and are fashionable.  It even became harder once I graduated college and started my career.  Growing up tall always made me feel different and insecure which played contributing factor to my low confidence.  Over the years, I have become much more comfortable with my height and gained confidence in myself.  My goal is to help other tall women find fashionable clothes for the workplace that will make them feel good about how they look.