The Oversized Blazer – Stay or Go?

The Oversized Blazer

I absolutely love blazers!  They can enhance any basic work look.  Now, most of you have probably seen the new trend that started in the fall of 2017 and that is the oversized blazer.  These blazers can be seen on anyone from the work wear to the street wear scene.  As a kid growing up in the 80’s, I can remember this look very well.  However, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of this new trend and think they should stay in the 80’s.

Do you have to like new trends?

As a new designer getting ready to start my own fashion line consisting of jackets, blazers and coats, I have been wondering if I am being too close-minded not to consider these looks.   So I keep wondering, “do I need to conform to new trends in order to keep up with my target market.”

Last week I went to a seminar called “Fashion Talk Series 1.0 – How To Get People To Buy Your Fashion Product” organized by the  San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA).  It included keynote and special guest, Project Runway’s Jenni Riccetti and other featured panelists.  One thing they talked about is how to stay true to yourself as a designer while incorporating new trends.  They mentioned that you don’t need to jump full board on the bandwagon but bring in bits and pieces into your collection.

It was a relief to hear this!  So I thought to myself is there anything that I can like about these pieces or is it more about how they are being styled.  After some thought, I concluded that is more about how I am seeing them styled.  I see pictures of these oversized blazers worn with big baggy pants and to me that just looks frumpy and sloppy.

How to wear

These blazers can look good with you pair the them slim or skinny pants/jean.  This will give more balance to the look.

Oversize Blazer for work


Another nice way to wear these blazers is with a mini skirt and booties.  Wearing it this way can be a hit for a tall woman and her long legs.

Oversize Blazer with Skirt


Oversize Blazers for Tall Women

Since these blazers run large, women with longer arms may be able to get away with wearing the average sizes. However, if you don’t want to take that risk, below are some options for tall women.

Vero Moda Tall Velvet Jacket

Vero Moda Tall Longline Check Blazer

What’s Next?

Now, the real question is whether or not this trend is going to stay and I don’t think it will stay very long.  I could be wrong but please leave a comment and let me know you think they will stay.

How Long is Long Enough?

Have you ever purchased a jacket from an online store that stated the jacket had “long” sleeves but they didn’t provide any additional information or measurements. Out of desperation, you went ahead and purchased the jacket to find out that the sleeves were just not long enough.

I have experienced this disappointing feeling so many times in my life. Tall women should not have these problems when shopping. I purchased a jacket from a larger brand’s website that provides tall sizes. In the description, it only stated that the sleeve length was “long” but there was no additional information as to how they define long. Even their Size Chart did not have any information about the sleeve lengths.   Below is an example of one of their product descriptions.

I went ahead and purchased the jacket not knowing exactly how the sleeves will fit. As soon as it was delivered, I tried it on and was instantly disappointed that it didn’t fit me. I now know better than to try to buy “tall” jackets from that store again.  As you can see from the pictures below, the jacket wasn’t long enough for my arms.

In case you are wondering if I tried to ask customer service to see if they can provide me with a better description, I didn’t when purchasing the jacket above. However, I did try to ask about the sleeve length on another jacket and below shows the response I received. I was told that they appear to fall at the wrist? What…Who’s wrist? It must be for a 5’9″ women.  This is very frustrating!


As a tall woman, I don’t have the luxury of going in stores and trying on jackets because most jackets sold in stores are for average size women. For the most part, I get free shipping on my orders but most stores charge for shipping on returns. Therefore, I now pay much more attention to the size descriptions that online stores provide so that I don’t have to incur additional shipping fees.  If I can’t get clear measurements then I am not purchasing it.

It really surprises me how few tall online retailers offer sleeve length descriptions. One online retailer that does a good job of providing a description about the sleeve length is Long Tall Sally. Other retailers such as Ann Taylor and Banana Republic don’t put the sleeve length in the product description. However, they disclose the sleeve measurements in their size chart which is not as helpful as it being under the product description but better.

It is also important to understand how you are supposed to measure your arm length to match their measurements because there are two common methods to measure your arm length.

1) Most Common Method – From the Back of your Neck

Place your hand on your hip with your arm bent at 90 degrees. Measure from the middle of the back of your neck, across your shoulder and down your arm to the wrist.

2) Less Common Method

Standing with arms against your sides, this measurement is to be taken from the apex of the shoulder to the wrist.

The store should state how you should measure your arms in order to match their measurements.

How Longings Clothes will be different

Longings Clothes will be different because we will always put the sleeve length and the jacket length right in the product description. Additionally, we will make sure to disclose how to take your measurements to match our measurements. Finally, we will also provide the model’s measurements. With the combination of these three items, you will feel confident that you will know your jacket will fit before physically receiving it!

The Poncho – Keeps any Tall Lady Warm

There are still 57 more days until Spring ladies. Which means there is time to have fun with winter fashion and stay warm at the same time! 2018 is all about layers and the poncho is great for adding on layers. However, the best thing about a poncho is that it fits most women of all sizes. I have to say though, a tall woman can really strut herself in a poncho paired with a nice pair of skinny jeans or wear to work with a nice pair of pants. Ponchos can be so much fun to wear and accessorize!

How to Wear

To Work

Cashmere-Blend Poncho

When wearing a poncho to work you should try to invest in more quality fabric such as a cashmere or a cashmere blend if you have a lower budget. I recommend wearing a poncho that gives a nice pop of color to your look like a red or other bright color. Below is an example of a look that you can pull off for work. The best way to accessorize a poncho is wear a nice necklace in front of the poncho. To really stand out, top this look with a black beret!

Poncho Work Look

Cashmere Rib Pullover Poncho

Another way to wear it to work is by pairing it with a nice pair of wide leg pants and a white shirt underneath. Below is a look that I pair a grey cashmere poncho with a maroon wide leg pant. To really get a polished look for work, add a nice nude pump and a long necklace in front. Not only is this a nice chic look, it is also comfortable and warm.

Poncho Work Look

Casual Look

Turtleneck Knitted Poncho

I just recently purchased a turtleneck knitted poncho. This poncho is very warm and comfortable but gives me a cool chic look at the same time. I love to wear this poncho on the weekend. It is very versatile and can be worn out to dinner with your partner or a night out with your girlfriends. Below is a picture of me in my turtleneck knitted poncho. I decided to wear it with a pair of black velvet pants and boots. It would also look great with a pair of white jeans!

Fringe Knit Poncho

Last year a purchased a fringe knit poncho and I have been having fun wearing this one as well. It is great to pair with a pair of jeans and black booties. This one is a little more casual than my turtleneck poncho so it is great to wear to run errands in.

Shop the looks

Winser London Cashmere-Blend Poncho

Winser London Cashmere-Blend Poncho

Kinross Cashmere Rib Pullover Poncho - One Size - Sterling - Women's Sweaters

Kinross Cashmere Rib Pullover Poncho – One Size – Sterling – Women’s Sweaters

Simplee Apparel Women's Chic Turtleneck Knitted Poncho Pullovers Sweater

Simplee Apparel Women’s Chic Turtleneck Knitted Poncho Pullovers Sweater

Just Jamie Fringe Knit Poncho

Remember ladies, the best part about ponchos is that they are a one-size fits all option so even as a tall women with long arms I can shop for these at any store. There is still plenty of time to grab one and enjoy wearing before winter is over!

Disclaimer: I have not personally tried any of the pieces under the “Shop the Looks” sections except for the “Simplee Apparel Women’s Chic Turtleneck Knitted Poncho”nor do I get paid any commissions for any of the items listed.

Shoe Stores Dedicated to Women with Extended Shoe Sizes

From when I was a teenager until I was pregnant with my first son, I wore a size 10.   I felt so lucky to wear size 10 with being 6′ tall.  I had some issues finding shoes but for the most part I could walk out of a store with shoes that fit me.

Then the most unfortunate thing happened to me.  My feet grow a whole inch while pregnant with my first son!  I was shocked at how hard it was to find size 11 shoes.   There goes the times of walking into Macy’s and walking out with a great pair of shoes.

Disheartened by this new experience, I came to terms that I could no longer shop in stores for shoes that fit me and I started finding online retailers that worked for me.

Last week I was talking to my 6’2″ co-worker who wears a size 13.  She shared with me her hardships and challenges that she has endured since she was a teenager with finding shoes that fit.  Most of her shoes were men’s sneakers.  Hearing her story really saddened me.  She informed me that she still wasn’t aware of too many places that only sold extended sizes for women.  Since I have been engaging on social media so often now that I have started my own business I know I have come across stores that sell extended sizes.

Therefore, I decided to curate a list of stores for her and then I thought why not write a blog about it and share with more women.

Most of us tall women know of the typical places to buy extended shoe sizes are such as Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Payless and Zappos.  However, my list is going to focus on online boutiques and brands that are specifically for women with extended shoe sizes in the U.S.

Smash Shoes  

I was so excited when I came across Smash Shoes.  This is a contemporary brand dedicated to women wearing size 10+.   Now, if you are looking for knee high boots that actually cover your knee then this is the place to shop.  I flipped out when I saw the Kyla Boots on the Tall Swag Blog.   This boot can bought in sizes 9-14.

Kyla Boots

Zofie Shoes

Zofie shoes have created a line of shoes that are designed specifically for women that wear sizes 9 through 13.   You will find beautiful contemporary shoes on this website.  It was love at first sight when I saw the Adelia Fuschia Suede Pump.

Adelia Fuschia Suede Pump

Xtend Soles

Xtended Soles is an online store that specializes in women’s contemporary footwear for sizes 10 through 14.  You will love the styles that they offer.  I have to get my hands on the Python Low Heel.  It is too cute and will be great to wear to work.


La’Cole Shoes 

La’Cole Shoes is an online shoe store that sells shoes that range from size 9 through 14.  They are devoted to bringing fashion-forward shoe-nistas the latest and cutest in women’s footwear!  This first pair of shoes that really stood out to me are the Tribal Print Flat.  This shoe will really pop with a great pair of jeans.

Tribal Print Flat


Longstride Footwear was established to cater to ladies who wear shoes size 10 and up.  They specialize in trendy stylish shoes.   If you want a bootie that is different from the others and something you will stand out then you will need to check out the Ratch Bootie on their website.  You can get it in size 10 through 13.

Ratch Bootie


Lonia is a one-stop shop for high-quality and elegant extended-size shoes for women. Established in 2015 and specializing in large size women shoes ranging between 10 – 15, their mission is to help classy large feet women complete their ensembles, reduce their stress, and grow their shoe collections.   I was intrigued when I saw the Maisie booti on their website with gold studs on the heels.  I need  a pair of these in my closet!

Maisie Bootie

Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is unique because you can actually customize your shoes and receive them in 2 weeks from when you placed your order.  The shoe sizes can go up to size 15.  I first discovered them in Foreign Fresh Fierce’s Blog -Become a Designer with Shoes of Prey .  In this blog, Cindy goes through her experience of customizing their Kiel 70 Bootie.   This is such a great concept!  You have to check it out!

Kiel 70

10th and Sole – Coming in 2018

Here is a store to keep your eye on that is planning to launch in 2018.  It is an online boutique specializing in women’s shoe sizes 10 & up.  I can’t wait to see what they will have to offer so I subscribed for their Early VIP Access on their website

I hope you find this list helpful and good luck with your shoe shopping!

Disclaimer:  I have not personally tried any of the  shoes listed nor do I get paid any commissions for any of the shoes listed.

Metallic Silver Shoes for Tall Women

Happy New Year!

It is New Year’s Day!  After seeing all the silver disco balls, silver metallic party hats, sequin dresses, confetti, bubbling champagne and glass flutes all around, I can’t help but think of my favorite color shoes: the silver metallic shoe.

I love silver metallic shoes not only for bling that it brings to my outfit but it is a great neutral and goes with almost anything.  They not only look great on but they can also be a lot of fun to wear.

Silver Metallic Flats

I have a great pair of silver metallic flats that I love to wear.  On more casual work days, I like to wear my silver metallic flats with a black blazer and jeans as shown below.

They also work well with pants.  Another look that I enjoy is wearing my metallic flats with my velvet black pants.

Silver Metallic Pumps

I adore flats because they look great but they are also very comfortable.  As a tall woman, I use to be scared of wearing heals because I already felt like I stood out and I didn’t want to stand out any further.  But now I have realized that no matter what I am going to stand out so I might as well stand out looking great!   With that  being said, the silver metallic pumps are great too and they can still go with jeans but they are also great with skirts.  You will stand out and look great in these shoes!

Silver Metallic Pumps


These pumps will also go really well with a maroon colored skirt like the one I show below.

Silver Metallic Pumps

Silver Sneakers

Silver sneakers are a lot of fun and can be worn in the office on casual Fridays.  You can wear them with jeans and pair with a nice wool coat.

Metallic Sneakers


These sneakers look great with jeans but you can also wear with midi dress.  Add a biker jacket and a large tote bag to give it a cool chic look.

Silver Metallic Sneaker


Where to shop:

I know as a tall woman how difficult it can be to find good shoes that but one brand I absolutely love is Nine West and many of their shoes go to size 12.

Nine West Speakup Flats $69.00
Nine West Tatiana Pointy Toe Pumps $59.99

For the Sneakers, I found these TOMS Lenox sneakers on Zappos and they go up to a size 12.

TOMS Lenox Metallic Sneaker $89.00

I also found on Zappos these Keds x kate spade, however; they only go up to size 11.

Keds x kate spade new york Champion Silver Metallic Sneaker $90.00

Silver metallic isn’t just for New Year’s Eve, let’s keep it going all year long!


Disclaimer:  I have not personally tried any of the pieces under the “Where to Shop” section nor do I get paid any commissions for any of the items listed.

Dressing for the Company Holiday Party

Tall women’s guide to dressing for the company holiday party without breaking the bank.

There it is glaring at you as you just get back to work after Thanksgiving.   It is the lovely invitation to the company holiday party that you are so fond of.  Just another event to add to the other holiday events that you have going on in your life right now.  Now comes the most daunting task…figuring out what to wear.

There are some different factors that go into deciding what to wear such as when it will be held and where.  However, the bottom line to any company holiday party is that the attire has to be appropriate and you want to make sure you do not show too much skin.

Whether it be a lunch or dinner, you want to put some effort into your look so it doesn’t look like something that you wear on other days to work.  The most frustrating  thing to ever do is buy a brand new piece for one event and never wear it again.  I always try to avoid doing that at all costs and purchase an item that is very versatile.

Versatile Black Dress

One essential and versatile piece that I always like to have in my closet is a simple black dress.  A black dress allows you to accessorize it in so many different ways that you can use that dress for many different types of events.  Whether it is a more of a cocktail, casual, trendy type of party you can make a black dress work for the event.

For tall women, I recommend a nice black midi dress.  A midi dress can fall right below the knee or mid calf.   Your height gives you an advantage here and you can get away with wearing heels, flats or booties with this dress.

Company Holiday Party

I like this dress because it is a nice simple dress and has 3/4 sleeves which transitions between seasons well.  For the holiday party look, I dressed it up with a gold necklace, earrings and bracelet.   The gold is nice representative of the holiday season and to add more holiday color I added red pumps.   The red pumps also give the outfit a nice pop of color.

 Shop the look:

With just changing the accessories you can now take this same dress from the holiday party look to a regular office day look.

Black Midi Dress for Work

You can easily wear this dress to work for a regular office day by adding a nice scarf and belt to it.  Adding a pair of booties gives it a nice edgy look.

Shop the look:

Below shows this dress with a casual look that you can use on the weekends to go shopping or for outings with your friends in.

Casual Black Midi Dress

You will feel super comfortable if you are out shopping all day when you are wearing this dress with these sneakers.  Include this faux fur vest to add a “wow” factor to this casual look.

 Shop the look:

Relax and Enjoy

Before you start stressing out too much about what to wear to your company holiday party take a good look at what is in your closet already and how you can accessorize something you already have to make it work.  If you don’t already have a nice versatile black midi dress now is a good time to invest in one and remember the different looks that you can get out of it.

Disclaimer:  I have not personally tried any of the pieces under the “Shop the Look” sections nor do I get paid any commissions for any of the items listed.


Tall Gal Work Frenzy


After hitting the snooze on your alarm for the third time you stretch and yawn and slowly pick-up your phone to look at your calendar.  “Oh crap!” you yell after realizing  you have back-to-back meetings all day starting right at 9am.  Startled and panicked you scurry off to get your tall self in the shower.  Once you are out of the shower you run into the closet and think “What in world should I wear today?”  After wasting about fifteen to twenty minutes you finally figure it out.   Instead of feeling relieved, you are in more of panic because you wasted all that time and now you might be late!

You need to first take a deep breath and pull yourself together!

I am sure many of you can relate to similar mornings like this.  The best way to avoid these types of mornings is to plan better the day before.

Choose your outfit the evening before:

First of all, I recommend that you do this once you get home from work.  Try to  avoid doing it right before bed because you may start thinking about work and might not be able to turn the wheels off.

Look at your calendar and think about the people that you will be meeting with.  If you are meeting with any external parties such as clients, consultants, or vendors, I suggest you try to dress more formal or at least a step up from how you normally dress.

For these types of occasions, I suggest wearing a nice jacket and pants or a skirt.  Jackets are my favorite since they are great versatile statement piece.  For days like today, you wear the jacket with a skirt and for other non-formal days you can wear with a pair of jeans.  Below is an example.


I like to choose neutral color jackets and wear them with a blouse or shell that has a pop of color.

See below if you want to switch it up and wear this same jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans.

This look still provides a nice “wow” factor but it is little more casual than the first example.  This would be a great outfit to wear for internal company meetings.

For tall women, I know that it is not always easy to find a nice jacket that fits properly.   If the sleeves are running a little short then you can fold them up a couple of times to make them look like 3/4 sleeves.  Another option would be to have the sleeves lengthened if there is enough extra fabric.

Furthermore, tall women should try to select waist length jackets to add a distinction between her torso and lower half.  The jacket in this example is great for a lady with more narrow hips since the flare in the jacket will provide an illusion of wider hips.

With proper planning the day before, you will allow yourself to make the right decision when selecting the appropriate outfit to wear.   Bonus, if you lay out all your clothes to wear from your undies to your jewelry the evening before you might have time to actually eat breakfast!


“Looks that Work” – Monday Memories of Mimosas


Girrrl!…it is Monday and you are feeling the bottomless mimosas from yesterday’s brunch with your girlfriends.  You don’t have time to be full of regrets today…you’ve got a job to do!  I know how you feel tired, irritable and dehydrated.  Well no one is going to feel sorry for you so grab some water and dress comfortably.

Here is what I suggest for this type of Monday:

I love wearing leggings!  They are like yoga pants in disguise.  I know it can be a little controversial to wear leggings to work but if you work in a more laid back environment and you dress them right then you can totally get away with it.

Leggings are also pretty in easy to find for tall women and if they do not fit then you can wear them as Capri leggings during warmer seasons or in the winter you can just wear knee high boots to cover it up and no one will notice.   I also recommend thick higher quality leggings to wear to work.

I just have to say first, no one wants to see your bootie so if you are wearing leggings cover it up!  Wear a comfortable tunic that you can pair with a long cardigan or duster.  To make it more work appropriate, I also like to wear a belt over the cardigan and since you feel like crap the last thing you want to do is wear a lot of jewelry so you can go with a scarf instead.   Then just wear a nice nude or soft pink lip gloss.  Below is an example.

You can wear boots or booties with the leggings. Since you are probably dehydrated make sure you use a good moisturizer and primer before you put your make-up on.

Below is an example of an outfit that I actually wear to work and it is super comfortable.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay comfy!  You’ve got this!